Friday, July 13, 2012


ONE OF THE major astrological events of the year occurs when Aries Uranus does an about-face and goes Retrograde (backwards as seen from Earth) from July 13th to December 13.

Uranus, bringer of change, entered aggressive Aries in May 2010, sparking the "Islamic Spring" which toppled governments. Retrograde Uranus makes things even more volatile. 

Over this five months, Uranus will continue to shake us out of our comfort zones until it goes direct again on December 13 — and we'll feel it on both an individual and a global scale. 

While Uranus has been known to inspire wars and revolutions, it will also create change from the inside out. Gandhi once said, "Be the change you want to see in the world," and this is exactly what Uranus Retrograde will push you to do! 

But Uranus Retrograde also forces us to confront our own fears and personal roadblocks, so we can all expect a few "Ah ha!" moments of realization. This is a time for us to consider what the concept of "freedom" means to us, and what we need to fix or change in our lives to get it. 

Uranus also forces us to get real about who we are and what we want, so if you're in the wrong job, working toward the wrong degree or dating the wrong person, Uranus Retrograde will let you know. 

While Uranus usually forces the changes that need to happen, over this five months, it will quiet down and simply make you feel what needs an overhaul. So pay attention to Uranus's tough-love advice! 

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