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JUPITER left stodgy Taurus on June 11th, 2012, and entered giddy Gemini, where Jupiter will remain for the next 12 months (until June 25th, 2013) since Jupiter spends a year in each of the 12 signs during its 12-year orbit around the Sun. 

To get a feel for Gemini Jupiter, think back to where you were and what you were doing between June 2000 and July 2001, or between July 1988 and July 1989.

Jupiter loves travel, adventure, spiritual quests and generally anything that is upbeat and boisterous. Gemini loves chatter, movement, going places, quick-fire business, and the avoidance of boredom.

So Gemini Jupiter means the next 12 months can be a time of rapid developments in the areas of social networking, travel, and new discoveries of all sorts.

But it will also be a year of confusion since Jupiter tends towards over-exaggeration and Gemini finds it hard to focus on any one subject for too long. At any rate, the coming 12 months will not be boring, that's for sure!

Other major planets
Uranus and Pluto in particular will be causing serious upheaval globally in coming weeks and months. 

The chaos on financial markets over the past two years (when Pluto entered Capricorn) and the uprisings throughout the Islamic world over the past 18 months (when Uranus entered Aries) will escalate as both of these planets form a square-angle to each other later this month.

But Gemini Jupiter will do its best to keep things upbeat and lively, flitting from one interesting idea to the next. Always on the move, adventurous, never lingering long enough to get bored.

In your personal life, far from the rumblings on the financial markets and the explosive political scene, you can count on Jupiter to step into the fray and take your hand if you are willing. 

Think of Jupiter as the heavenly aspect of Emperor Hadrian, the awesome and mighty, most powerful man in the world. Think of yourself as Antinous, the meek and mild, just an unempowered commoner.

Envision Hadrian/Jupiter taking the hand of Antinous/Yourself and leading you off on a great adventure.

As the world trembles and quakes around you, trust in Jupiter, who has freed itself from the complacency of Taurus. Gemini Jupiter doesn't want to just sit there any longer (Taurus the Bull), but instead is itching to morph into Mercury/Gemini for a Sacred Quest!

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