Monday, May 28, 2012


ON MONDAY it's time for something completely different when Gemini Mercury and the Gemini Sun both form surprise-filled sextiles to impulsive Uranus. You will want a change of scenery and a total change from your usual routine. Now is the time for a big change and you will be brimming with great ideas to implement change.

Ah, but you ask yourself: "If this is such a positive day, why am I feeling so sad?"

For the answer, look down the right-hand column on this page to the "CURRENT MOON" box. It shows the right-hand half of the Moon illuminated and the left-hand side dark.

This is the VIRGO FIRST QUARTER MOON, which we call the MOON OF MELANCHOLY. Each phase of the Moon represents a Divine Spirit or Archetype in ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC. The Spirit of the Moon of Melancholy is the Spirit of Despondency and Despair. It is the worrier, the pouter, the Spirit which feels guilty and inadequate.

It is the negative side of Virgo, not the caring and dutiful side, but rather the side which frets and mopes and feels inadequate for the task at hand. It is sadness for the sake of sadness, without cause. It is the Spirit of Chronic Depression.

In English-speaking countries, "Melancholy" is almost a dirty word. Puritan upbringing has conditioned us to grin and bear it, to adopt a stiff upper lip attitude. But suppressing this feeling is as bad as wallowing in it. 

Other cultures are not so uptight about acknowledging this feeling of sadness. They realize it is a necessary part of life. It is what the French call "larmoyance" a lovely word which rolls off your tongue so languidly. It describes a lack of joy, a vague feeling that life is not what it should be. It is Peggy Lee singing that minor-key ballad "Is That All There Is?" 

This moon signals those areas of your life where things are not going well and you have a right to sing the blues. But it also signals those moments when we wallow in self-sorrow and almost enjoy brow-beatingaourselves for no good reason.  

Don't suppress this sadness, but don't wallow in it. Instead, savor it for a moment and discern what your gay spiritual heart is trying to tell you. ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD uses this lunar phase to invite you to reflect on those parts of your life or your living and job environment which may be making you sad. You may come to the realization that the sadness you are feeling is not coming from within yourself, but rather that it is originating elsewhere — coming from someone else or from some other situation.

As you know, many gay people are highly sensitive to the emotions of others, and to the "vibes" of a location or situation. You know how you can enter a space, such as a room or a house, and you immediately sense whether it is a cheerful or a sad place. You know how the sadness of others can affect you — even at great distances.

You may be feeling sadness and then the phone rings and it is a special person who needs consolation, and you realize that the melancholy you were feeling had its origins with that person, not with yourself.

Most people ignore such "coincidences." But this sensitivity is an integral part of ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC. That is why the "Moon of Melancholy" is important. It is the best time of the year for meditation and rituals concerning sadness — in yourself and in others.

Examine your own life and see if where the source of your sadness lies. The Gemini Sun and Mercury are both in change-promiting aspects to change-loving Uranus.

If you find the source of sadness in your life, then these planetary aspects are providing you with the energy to effect changes which will move you out of melancholy into the next lunar phase — the SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON next week, which is the phase we call the DENARIUS MOON — the time of acknowledgement of inner and outer wealth.

More about that coming up ....  

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