Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Weekly Sacred Astrology Forecast

MAY 31 to JUNE 10, 2012

THURSDAY May 31st 2012

Overnight Wednesday and Thursday Gemini Mercury moves into a 90-degree right angle aspect to no-nonsense Virgo Mars. This square aspect dominates both days and, indeed, tinges the whole week to come. Many astrologers say that this aspect is when people sharpen their swords. But in my experience in casting gay horoscopes, I find that a Mercury/Mars square involving chatty Gemini and overly critical Virgo indicates that people will be sharpening their tongues to use as weapons! Remember that lovely line from "The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde (who is a Saint of Antinous, by the way): "On an occasion of this kind it becomes more than a moral duty to speak one's mind. It becomes a pleasure." This is an aspect which encourages people to say vicious and intentionally hurtful things. People are overly persnickety and bitchy and downright mean. You'll be amazed how true this is. And if you want to remain above the fray, just remember when something cruel is on the tip of your tongue to bite your tongue. That's because Gemini will move into a kissy aspect with Venus on Friday and you don't want to say something on Thursday that you'll regret this coming weekend ....

FRIDAY JUNE 1st 2012

On Friday you'll be glad you bit your vicious tongue Thursday, and refrained from uttering dissy remarks, because Mercury aligns in conjunction with love planet Venus on Friday in time for the weekend. Gemini Mercury is very chatty and Gemini Venus is in the mood for a party. And because Venus is Retrograde (going "backwards" as seen from the Earth), don't be surprised if you look across a crowded dance floor and see someone from your past, an old flame you lost touch with, someone you always wanted to see again so you could tell him how much he meant to you back then. Tonight's the night for a potentially hot reunion.


On Saturday the passion that was kindled on Friday flares into something really hot when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms sexy sextiles to horny Mars and determined Pluto. Whether you go shopping or out to the clubs -- you'll definitely find what you are looking for.

SUNDAY JUNE 3rd 2012

On Sunday your appetites for food, sex and every other appetite go right off the scale when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is in opposition to exaggeration-prone Jupiter and square to Neptune, planet of addictions. You may find yourself going overboard. Be careful with alcohol and other substances of choice.

MONDAY JUNE 4th 2012

On Monday the SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON opens your mind and your heart to spiritual wonders. In ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC we call this Full Moon the DENARIUS MOON because it refers not only to material riches but most especially to your inner storehouse of resources. Also on Monday Neptune does an about-face on Monday and goes Retrograde from now until November 11th. Retrograde Neptune in intuitive Pisces means there will be an atmosphere of nostalgia and yearning for the goold old days from now until the second week of November — which means the US presidential campaign will be dominated by a desire to return to those "good old days" — which were not all that good to start with. The combination of the SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON and Retrograde Neptune means that Monday is possibly the best day of the year to get in touch with your elders — whether living or not. The stars are opening the portals between the worlds for you to contact your ancestral spirits, guardians, or past-life soul mates. On the mundane level, it's a good day to call your grandparents. You may be surprised at the Sagittarian wealth of advice they have to offer.


On Tuesday/Wednesday, one of the most extraordinary celestial events occurs when the orb of Venus passes directly in front of the face of the sun. Basically an "eclipse," this event is called a VENUS OCCULTATION and occurs in pairs eight years apart only every 121 years! Indeed, only six such events have occurred since the invention of the telescope (1631,1639, 1761,1769, 1874 and 1882). The first part of this current pair of Venus Eclipses took place in 2004, and the one in 2012 will be visible over Eastern Asia and Australia (early Wednesday) as well as the west coast of North America (sunset Tuesday evening). These occultations only ever occur in November and June. Astrologically, Venus has to do with interpersonal relationships, both social and financial. So Gemini Venus crossing the face of the sun strongly impacts social and business interaction. Just look at the last occultation in the years 1874-82 — that was when the invention of the telephone began to revolutionize the world. Now fast-forward to the VENUS OCCULTATION of 2004-12 — and you can see that the social networking revolution coincides with those years. Venus is signalling that the next 121 years will see a revolution in interactive networking, just as the past 121 years were dominated by the telephone.


On Thursday, Mercury leaves its home base of Gemini and plunges into the emotional depths of Cancer. You can expect communications over the next three weeks to be less friendly/excited, and instead more mushy/romantic. Cancer is the sign of family and homebodies. Call your mother!

FRIDAY JUNE 8th 2012

On Friday, the work week ends on on an antigonistic note when the Su and Mars are in a 90-degree right angle. You can expect to be defensive and annoyed by others, especially by authority figures.


On Saturday, romance is in the air when Mercury is in a flirty trine with Retrograde Pisces Neptune. You can expect to hear from an old flame or to rekindle an old romance.

SUNDAY JUNE 10th 2012

On Sunday, the weekend ends on a dreamy note when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is in nice aspects to Mercury and Pluto and in a tense square to Retrograde Venus. The old flame who contacted you yesterday is still in your thoughts and you will want to take definite steps to rekindle that romance.


An exciting week lies ahead between June 11th and 17th, when Jupiter leaves plodding Taurus, where it has been for the past 12 months, and enters exuberant Gemini. That means social networking will get a tremendous boost from exaggeration-prone Jupiter in propaganda-prone Gemini during the coming 12 months. More details next time ....

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