Wednesday, May 30, 2012



OVERNIGHT Wednesday and Thursday Gemini Mercury moves into a 90-degree right angle aspect to no-nonsense Virgo Mars. This square aspect dominates both days and, indeed, tinges the whole week to come. 

Many astrologers say that this aspect is when people sharpen their swords. But in my experience in casting gay horoscopes, I find that a Mercury/Mars square involving chatty Gemini and overly critical Virgo indicates that people will be sharpening their tongues to use as weapons! 

Remember that wonderfully bitchy line from "The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde (who is a Saint of Antinous, by the way): "On an occasion of this kind it becomes more than a moral duty to speak one's mind. It becomes a pleasure." 

This is an aspect which encourages people to say vicious and intentionally hurtful things. People are overly persnickety and bitchy and downright mean. You'll be amazed how true this is. 

Each of us have Mercurial and Martian energies involved in a tug-of-war inside of us. For more insights into your own inner Mercury and Mars energies, check out Dr. Shankar Adawal's brilliant book "Know About Mars and Mercury".
Meantime, if you want to remain above the fray this week, just remember when something cruel is on the tip of your tongue to bite your tongue. 

That's because Gemini will move into a kissy aspect with Venus on Friday and you don't want to say something on Thursday that you'll regret this coming weekend ....

More details tomorrow!

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